LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack Game-Play & Brand Analysis

Lego Dimensions Story Game-Play analysis looking at how the different brands split between Starter Pack and Level Packs. We spot Saruman, Frodo and Robin.

What results for Dimensions is a tale of a tyrannical overlord after control of LEGO’s foundational elements. Rather than Lord Business’ subtle brain washing of the masses, Lord Vortech is a more direct villain. From his planet at the center of the LEGO Multiverse Lord Vortech starts conjuring vortexes to suck in different characters from a variety of LEGO worlds to help him find these building bricks of LEGO civilization. Some have agreed, others have rebelled, and only the combined powers of the greatest LEGO heroes can stop him.

This leaves Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle to realize Lord Vortech’s plan and team up with a range of unexpected characters to travel through space and time and rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of LEGO humanity.

It’s a narrative that serves its purpose and creates a context for the gleeful combination of all those mismatched characters. The game-play trailer that accompanied the announcement underlined this with a range of characters in unusual locations.

It also seems to explain how the game divides between Starter Pack and Level Pack content. The various characters seen being sucking into the Lego vortexes complement the characters we have announced in physical form. Frodo, Dorothy and Robin are not included in the expansions packs but feature here in apparently playable form.

This would fit with the understanding that all 14 different worlds are playable with only the Starter Pack, and that these are then expanded upon with the Level, Character and Team packs. Being able to access every brand from the go is a strong play by Warner to offer families better value than with competitors like Disney Infinity where you need to purchase additional figures and play-sets before you can sample the full range of brands.

While this is of course conjecture, the more I see of Lego Dimensions the more I am impressed. Certainly, of the three main Toys to Life games, Dimensions has the highest price of entry so it would make sense that it offered the free-est access to content.

LEGO Dimensions will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the Wii U.

Kids Interview Splatoon Game Director Tsubasa Sakaguchi

Kids interview the man behind Splatoon and get some really interesting answers.

Here’s what they asked:
Q. Why doesn’t the paint mix up in Splatoon?
A. Do you know that water and oil do not mix together, according to our studies of the inklings the two coloured inks do not mix together like water and oil as well.

Q. Why does the other team’s paint slow you down but yours doesn’t?
A. I’m sure you will be able to swim fast in a pool, but in a pool of oil you won’t be able to swim so fast. We think that it’s quite similar to that.

Q. Why does the hair look like squid legs?
A. Did you know that squid have ten legs. The inklings as well they have their arms and their legs which make up four then they have their hair make up another two, then the remaining four are hidden at the back of their head. Their ten squid legs exist on their body. It looks like they have hair but this is actually squid legs.

Q. Why is there a big fat cat waving a flag at the end of a level?
A. Have you ever noticed Judds outfit before. He looks very similar to a referee in a boxing match. The reason why the Judd is Judging the winner is because of his keen eye to instantly determine who has coloured in the most. Why is there just one cat in the world of Splatoon? The clue is hidden in the sunken scrolls.

Q. Which is the best weapon in splatoon.
A. There’s no strongest weapon in SPlatoon, all weapons have their strengths and their weaknesses. I hope you get better at Splatoon and find the weapon that you like.

Q. My sister says you can eat squid is that true?
A. Yes you can eat squid in lots of different ways. You can eat it in paella, you can have it as sushi, you can grill it. In Japan we even dry the squid so it is super thin — very popular food in Japan.

Q. Could we play with two Gamepads on split screen if we had them?
A. Sorry unfortunately you can’t do that.

Q. Are you going to do any more amiibos, maybe with clothes they can wear?
A. I think being able to give amiibo clothes is a great idea. It would be difficult to do that, but maybe you could make some sun glasses, hats and clothes to put not he existing amiibo.

Cars Daredevil Garage – Disney’s Diecast Toys to Life Video-Game

Brand new collectable Cars characters that are then scanned in to unlock them in the Daredevil Garage.

This uses the 2014 Diecast Disney Pixel Cars toys to unlock characters to race as in the game. Each one has different abilities and stats in the game:

Silver Racer
Neon Racers
Ice Racers
World Grand Prix
Piston Cup
Radiator Springs
Race Fans
95 Pit Crew
Lost and Found
Tokyo Party
Palace Chaos

Twelve magically combines Maths and Platforming

Meet the heroine, Twelve, as she sets off on an adventure to rescue her family following a cataclysmic event that befalls the town of Dozenopolis. Follow Twelve and her companion Dot—a clever decimal point— as they explore the universe and solve mathematics puzzles along the way.

Twelve a Dozen helps you discover the fun in learning mathematics. It takes a different approach to helping you learn as you play, by seamless integrating the math puzzles into the gameplay. Put simply, you won’t even notice you are learning!

Twelve a Dozen’s puzzles revolve around the manipulating of numbers throughout the adventure. You’ll have help along the way from scattered “numbles”, which are the key to solving puzzles and unlocking awesome new powers. Taking the “numbles” and creating new numbers through addition, subtraction, division and multiplication you unlock the powers hidden in these new digits!

– 50 levels of superb platforming adventure
– Delightful puzzles to solve as you journey through the world
– Core mathematical concepts presented in an engaging and meaningful way
– Stunning art and a charming story that appeals to all ages
– Charming voice-over provided by English comedian and actress Lucy Montgomery

Cars Precision Series – Lightning McQueen, Flo’s Café Playset & Filmore’s Taste-In

Ahead of D23 we get a sneak peak at the Precision Series of Cars play sets and toys. There will launch at retail this fall and include high-end diecast cars and play sets with unique features including detailed undercarriages, PVC tires, suspension and other distinct elements tailored to each character such as light features, specialized engines and hoods that open and close.

Here we see:
– Lightning McQueen
– Doc Hudson
– Flo
– Ramone
– Filmore
– Flo’s Café Playset
– Filmore’s Taste-In Playset

The playsets are modeled after the landmarks in the Cars movies and will connect together so fans can build out the main road in Radiator Springs. All playsets light up, come with a special diecast and will have the ability to connect to other Cars story sets from Mattel.

Along with the sneak peek here, fans can get a full look at the Precision Series at D23 Expo – The Ultimate Disney Fan Event – hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center August 14-16, 2015. The first playset in the Precision series, Flo’s Café Playset, will be available at retail this fall with subsequent playsets and diecast cars launching in 2016.

Angry Birds Transformers – Bluestreak, Prowl & Energonicon Tested

With the latest update for Angry Birds Transformers patched up and ready to roll, we go on the hunt for the latest characters added to the game. Bluestreak and Prowl follow hot on the heels of Arcee and Airachnid to swell the roster of characters and bring representations of Angry Birds “The Blues” characters into the game.

The new characters, bring with them new powers and upgrades, but they’re not quite as easy to unlock as the regular roster. Squads of Autobirds and Deceptihogs must be sent on missions, some as long as 24hrs, in order to stand any chance of finding these elusive characters. Even then, without a good number of gems to guarantee your mission’s success, you may still come up empty handed.

The addition of new characters isn’t the only change to the game, with the standard three power-ups being replaced by a whole raft of new ones, that can be crafted using materials found in game. Those materials primarily come from completing missions, which again, can require you to spend a lot of gems in order to craft the rarest of the energonicon power-ups. Thankfully we have plenty on hand for our visit to the newly opened Professor Pig’s Lab. We’ll also take ourselves past Rank 200 as we upgrade a number of characters and add a few new customisations to them too.

Let’s Play Yoshi’s Woolly World – w/ Yoshi Amiibo Song

Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U and it’s accompanying woolly amiibo landed in Europe this month, ahead of their launch in North America later this year. Knowing how rare many amiibo are and seeing how cute these particular woolly amiibo are, we had to dash to the store on launch day to try and snag one. Returning triumphant with a pink Yoshi amiibo in hand, we sat down as a family to give the game a first look.

In many ways, Yoshi’s Woolly World is a spiritual successor to Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii, using many of the same yarn based tricks to create a new and inventive platform game that feels like it was made with one purpose, to keep you smiling. Although quite a straightforward platformer, that’s certainly nowhere near as difficult as games like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, it still provides plenty of challenge for younger players and has enough secrets for most adults.

Hidden within each level of the game are five lots of yarn, which make up a unique version of Yoshi. Find them all and that Yoshi design becomes yours to use in future levels. Each design is beautifully crafted with everything from a Moo Moo Yoshi to a Shy Guy Yoshi and even a Mario Yoshi to collect. These designs can also be saved onto your amiibo and taken to play at your friends’. The amiibo also serves as an AI controlled partner if you’re playing solo and need a little help.