Steamworld Heist Interview – Fen DLC, amiibo, Vita, Co-Op, More DLC

We talk to Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image and Form about today’s DLC for Steamworld Heist.

Along with the new levels, guns, hats and character we also ask about a Steamworld amiibo, more DLC for Heist, other platforms like Vita, PS4, Xbox and what’s next for Heist.

We take a quick look at the custom ZanarkandSky amiibo for Rusty:

Music in the video from Steam Powered Giraffe:

Here’s the official blurb.
On April 28 we introduce The Outsider – Image & Form’s first add-on content (DLC) for the studio’s acclaimed strategy shooter SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS. The Outsider will costs $4.99/€4.99/£4.49 or the equivalent.

Meet Fen: the latest member of your Heist crew, and the most unlikely of allies. A Vectron outcast, Fen breaks the ties to the hive mind and becomes one of your most formidable fighters.

The Outsider is not a conventional add-on. The new plot, missions, enemies, end boss, guns, utilities and dozens of new hats – of course! – blend seamlessly into the game. This means that, aside from starting afresh, you can pick up earlier save profiles, discover the history of Fen, and add the character to your roster pretty much immediately. And what an addition it is!

“Fen’s got some really fearsome firepower and clever upgrade mechanics that turn kills into own health and massive damage to others,” says Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “Busting up metal has never been this rewarding!”

Outside of The Outsider, April 28 also sees a substantial free update to SteamWorld Heist itself. Players that prefer to have their steam-driven robots speak in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian will be happy, and due to popular demand we’ve also expanded the inventory a bit – now you have more empty slots from the outset, and getting new slots will be less taxing on your water reserves. And there’s more utilities. Oh, and even more weird hats.

Yo-Kai Watch Family Test

We visit a family to test out Yo-Kai hunting of YO-KAI WATCH on the Nintendo 3DS.

Official Blurb:
“Yo-kai are the physical embodiment of everyday problems, and they live everywhere in our world—under cars, near vending machines, in the river—you just can’t see them.

With the power of the Yo-kai Watch, though, you can find these hidden Yo-kai, befriend them, and call upon their powers when you need their help. There are over 200 different types of Yo-kai just waiting to be discovered!”

Unleash the ultimate Yo-kai moves.

Help your Yo-kai focus on a certain foe, or a weak spot on a boss.

If your Yo-kai gets Inspirited in battle, heal it and gain extra experience points.

Use items you’ve collected to help your team or to get an opponent to like you.

Yo-kai from the same tribe fight better together, but they must be next to each other to unleash their combined Unity power, so chose their place on your Yo-kai Watch carefully.

You’ll need to use all of your strategizing skills against the super strong Yo-kai bosses. Often times, though, these seemingly unbeatable baddies will have a glaring weakness you can exploit.

When you become friends with a Yo-kai, they give you their Medal, which you can use to call on them for help. Yo-kai won’t give Medals to just anyone, of course. You’ve got to prove your worthiness, either by doing them a favor or impressing them in battle. Sometimes you can even earn their respect by giving them their favorite treats!

You can only hold 6 Medals in your Yo-kai Watch at a time. The rest are stored in your Medallium, a coin book that serves as a Yo-kai encyclopedia.

Video supported by Nintendo including access to the game and hardware.

Anki Overdrive Track Challange – Win Cars / Expansions

We’ve teamed up with Anki to challenge you to create the most imaginative track. Get creative by using other toys and games to augment your creations.

Lego bridges, Meccano jumps, paper tunnels, we want you to stretch things to the limit. All we ask is that the track scans so you can use it in a normal race.

ENTER: To enter, create an imaginative and creative Anki set-up then add a short film of it to the following public playlist:

PRIZE: With Anki, we are giving away any two expansion packs or one expansions car.

WINNER: Will be announced via @FamilyGamerTV on Twitter and with a follow up video on the FamilyGamerTV channel.

DATES: The competition starters on 22nd April and closes on 13th May.

TERMS: You must be over 14 and live in the UK or US. Full Terms and Conditions:

Video supported by Anki, including prizes and access to the product.

REPORT: 2016 Toys-to-Life games will challenge Disney, Lego & Skylanders

We talk to Nick Mayberry and Doug Renert of Tandem Digital who have been studying the connect and toys to life space as investors.

I spoke to Doug Renert, co-founding partner of Tandem Captial, asking him what their report had uncovered in this space?

“Technology is driving a new set of toy experiences and companies are taking advantage of this. Also, there are new ways to monetise in the toy space. Finally there are new methods of distribution taking play from the app to the toy space. This all bodes well for start-ups and new comers to the market.”

Nick Mayberry, director of content at Tandem, expanded on this picture through the year. “We hear about connected toys often around the holiday season, what happened in 2015 is that consumer interest as measure by Google Trends extended beyond the holiday season. Tech becomes a fundamental of play rather than a gimmick.”

“In our research we discovered that the toys to life category was underfunded compared to other categories. An opportunity for big large scale businesses to grow from that into cross-media rather than just connected toys.”

“As long as newcomers can be creative in developing intellectual properties and stories and how to acquire their audiences. One reason some may think it’s ‘game over’ is that when a company like Disney enters the market with its intellectual property and cross media domination it can be daunted for other to enter. But that’s what start-ups are all about, creating new and inventive ways to develop intellectual properties.”

Of course this was a feature of Activision launching Skylanders very much attached to the Spyro brand and character. Since those early years it has eclipsed the diminutive dragon but it seemed an important connection to begin with.

“We put Anki in the robotics category because of the car’s artificial intelligence that learns the tracks. Sphero is another company in this space, who have a strong relationship with Disney and links to BB-8.”

“A nimble start-up is going to have to prove their business model before they get access to that capital, while larger companies have more resources. The winners at the end of the day will have amassed the capital to build out big brands one way or another.”

“Some of it depends on innovation. Having started with a single figure that opened an iPad game, but now we are seeing the ‘brains’ be put into the figures themselves that then impacts on the game. The games are also becoming more complex with in-app purchases. Add-ons are also happening on the toys themselves where buying additions will open up new possibilities in the virtual world.

Summing up Renert reiterated the opportunities here. “I don’t see this slowing down I see it picking up. I don’t think there will be 20 winners. The business for the small handful of winners will continue to grow.”

Let’s Play PJ Masks Vehicle Challenge Game

While we wait for the official PJ Masks games and apps here a close look at the vehicles ont he website.

Test your PJ Masks knowledge as we tour the Cat Car, Gekko Mobile and Owlette Glider.

It won’t be long before we have the official PJ Masks video games and PJ Masks apps I’m sure, but in the meaning my family are enjoying playing our own version of this PJ Masks video game.

LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village

We have an early look at the Lego Minecraft Village 21128.

Build and protect The Village!

Join forces with Alex at the busy Minecraft™ village, including a variety of biomes plus a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher and marketplace. Enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this LEGO® Minecraft set—designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game.
• Includes 4 minifigures: Steve, Alex, zombie and a zombie villager, plus a Creeper™, enderman, pig, baby pig, iron golem and 2 villagers (a farmer and a librarian).
• The Village features rainforest, snow and desert biomes, and includes a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher and a marketplace.
• Fold out the library and butcher’s buildings and lift the marketplace roof to access the interiors.
• Grab your iron sword and prepare for battle!
• Build the iron golem to help protect the village.
• Accessory elements include a crafting table, water bucket, emerald-ore-style elements, 2 pumpkin heads and a chest with emerald-style elements.
• Weapons include a sword and a pickaxe.
• Set your imagination free—rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations!
• Measures over 5” (15cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 17” (44cm) deep.