Yo-Kai Watch Family Test

We visit a family to test out Yo-Kai hunting of YO-KAI WATCH on the Nintendo 3DS.

Official Blurb:
“Yo-kai are the physical embodiment of everyday problems, and they live everywhere in our world—under cars, near vending machines, in the river—you just can’t see them.

With the power of the Yo-kai Watch, though, you can find these hidden Yo-kai, befriend them, and call upon their powers when you need their help. There are over 200 different types of Yo-kai just waiting to be discovered!”

Unleash the ultimate Yo-kai moves.

Help your Yo-kai focus on a certain foe, or a weak spot on a boss.

If your Yo-kai gets Inspirited in battle, heal it and gain extra experience points.

Use items you’ve collected to help your team or to get an opponent to like you.

Yo-kai from the same tribe fight better together, but they must be next to each other to unleash their combined Unity power, so chose their place on your Yo-kai Watch carefully.

You’ll need to use all of your strategizing skills against the super strong Yo-kai bosses. Often times, though, these seemingly unbeatable baddies will have a glaring weakness you can exploit.

When you become friends with a Yo-kai, they give you their Medal, which you can use to call on them for help. Yo-kai won’t give Medals to just anyone, of course. You’ve got to prove your worthiness, either by doing them a favor or impressing them in battle. Sometimes you can even earn their respect by giving them their favorite treats!

You can only hold 6 Medals in your Yo-kai Watch at a time. The rest are stored in your Medallium, a coin book that serves as a Yo-kai encyclopedia.

Video supported by Nintendo including access to the game and hardware.

PJ Masks – HQ Headquarters Playset & All Action Figures

We take a super close look at the final images of the PJ Masks HQ playset from Just Play. We look at the different PJ Masks rooms, heroes and villains.

Owlette, Gekko, Cat Boy, Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl all feature in high details. They can all move their arms. The HQ itself has a number of moving parts with big wings that can be moved, a PJ Masks computer with different spinning read-outs and even a ramp for the Cat Mobile car.

The three tiered playset offers different interactions around the different heroes. Owlette has a Library area, Gekko has a vertical lift and Cat Boy has a computer console area.

There is also a working zip-line for the heroes to fly along into the HQ. The Cat Mobile has space for one of the PJ Masks heroes to sit inside. There is also a trap-net set to catch any of the villains that may get out of hand. The playset has certainly progressed considerably since it was last seen at the New York toy fair.

PJ Masks Video-Game Official Reveal (iOS/Web/Android)

We have the exclusive official reveal of the PJ Masks video games for iOS, Android and Website.

We have an exclusive look at the PJ Masks video-games:

-Hero Training features Owlete, Gekko and Cat boy. This is three games in one. Learn how to fly with Owlette, spot Gekko in different settings and avoid the drips with Cat Boy.

-Nighttime Ninjalinos features the Ninjalinos and Night Ninja. This is a combination of avoiding sticky splats and collecting the Ninjalinos.

The games are out on May 23rd.

PJ Masks Video-Game Official Reveal (iOS/Web/Android)

We have the exclusive official reveal of the PJ Masks video games for iOS, Android and Website.

We have an exclusive look at the PJ Masks video-games:

-Hero Training features Owlete, Gekko and Cat boy. This is three games in one. Learn how to fly with Owlette, spot Gekko in different settings and avoid the drips with Cat Boy.

-Nighttime Ninjalinos features the Ninjalinos and Night Ninja. This is a combination of avoiding sticky splats and collecting the Ninjalinos.

The games are out on May 23rd.

NEW! PJ Masks Official Backpacks, Toys, Games and Outfits – Part #1

The first of our big update on PJ Masks with Olivier Dumont, the MD of eOne Family that produces the show.

We have a hands on exclusive look at pre-finalised versions of the Backpacks, Masks, Toys, Outfits and Video Games.

The backpacks feature the different PJ Masks characters, amulets, mask symbols. They also include a variety of pockets for lunch boxes, drinks bottles and sandwiches. Each of the pockets have brightly coloured zips to match the PJ Masks branding.

Additionally there are some tags and badges the underline the PJ Masks tie in with both Amulets and Totem Poles bearing the different character logos.

Olivier Dumont, MD of eOne Family, said that “PJ Masks is going extremely well… We’re working on different lines of products. Toys, role-play costumes and some bags. They will be coming out in the US in September (the toy line and other products) and then in the rest of the world in 2017 depending not he market.”

PJ Masks website update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb97pksUGAM

Lego Dimensions Wave 5 – Complete Minifigure Collection (w/ Disney Infinity Cancellation Thoughts)

We received and unboxed Wave 5 Lego Dimensions expansions from Warner.

This includes:
– DC Comics Bane Fun Pack brings Bane to Lego Dimensions for the first time with a solid round of abilities: Hazard Protection, Big Transform and Super Stealth. He also has a 3-in-1 Drill Driver that can be rebuilt as the Dig ‘n Drill and Drill ‘n Blast for additional upgrades.

– The Ghostbusters Fun Pack grants access to Slimer and his Boomerang, Sonar Smash, Flying, Dive, Hazard Clean, Illumination, Mini Access and Hazard Protection abilities. The pack also includes the Slime Shooter that can be rebuilt into the Slime Exploder or Slime Streamer.

– Ninjago Fun Pack brings us Lloyd and his Spinjitzu, Illumination, Acrobat, Laser Deflector and Stealth abilities. The include Golden Dragon can also be rebuilt into a Sword Projector Dragon or Mega Flight Dragon for further powers.

Parents’ Guide Dark Souls III (PEGI 16+)

In association with the Games Rating Authority, here’s our parents’ guide to Dark Souls III.

1. Genre

Dark Souls 3 is an action role playing game in which the player explores a fantasy realm and engages in challenging, strategic combat with monstrous enemies.

The game is played from a third person perspective, and mainly involves combat that requires quick reactions and careful play to beat each enemy with light and heavy attacks as well as judiciously evading blows and defending yourself with a shield. Different weapons, armour and items can be used as well as character types and other customisations, allowing for a deep set of options as to how to approach combat.

Dark Souls 3 is a complex, challenging game and its online multiplayer options are similarly unusual, with special in-game items required to summon friends or strangers for co-operative play or player vs player combat, as well as the ability to leave messages in the game world for other players to find.

Dark Souls games are really only directly comparable to themselves, but as well as its two direct predecessors and Demon Souls, Dark Souls 3 comes from the same creator as recent PS4 hit Bloodborne.

2. PEGI Rating
In the UK and Europe, PEGI rates Dark Souls 3 as PEGI 16, suitable for age 16 and over, for moderate violence and sustained depictions of death.

The Games Rating Authority expand on their PEGI details by saying that Dark Souls 3 features the player fighting ‘a host of human-like and fantasy characters’ and that ‘violence mainly consists of characters slashing each other, with swords and other close-combat weaponry, as well as magic.’ While most damage is shown by life bars decreasing, ‘blows are also met with flinches and blood effects from humans, whose dead bodies may remain in the scene and pile up.’

3. Story

Dark Souls 3 is set in the Kingdom of Lothric, a dark fantasy world of restless spirits and atmospheric, fog-laden ruins. The player character is the Ashen One, an undead warrior who has risen to avert an apocalypse by destroying many enemies.

4. Developer

FromSoftware created Demon Souls, Bloodborne and the previous Dark Souls games.

5. Format

Dark Souls 3 is available for PS4, XBox One and PC for around £40 or $60, with more expensive collectors editions available. A PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account is required for online console play, and two downloadable content packs will be available for purchase later in the year.

6. Duration and Difficulty

Dark Souls 3 has at least 29 hours of gameplay in its main storyline, though as a challenging game this will be very dependent on player ability. Exploring every corner of the game will take over 50 hours, with hardcore souls fanatics digging into the possibilities of the game for even longer.

7. Themes

The Souls series never makes its themes explicit, instead working in imagery and mood. Lothric is a mournful place of shadows and ashes where lumbering knights patrol the depths of long-forgotten ruins, rousing themselves only to lash out at any interloper. In such a relentlessly hostile world life is hard and either short or, potentially more worryingly, never-ending. While it never has much to directly say about itself, this is a game where, if you persevere to explore its secrets, you’ll be left with an unsettling mood and many lingering questions.

8. Why people play:
Dark Souls 3, as with previous installments, is a game that actively fights the player. The story is opaque, combat is a struggle of experimentation and repetition, and even some of the game’s mechanics, like summoning other players, are secrets that need to be found and interpreted. For those willing to commit themselves and feel the satisfaction of tough challenges overcome, this is a game to sink into for many hours. For players with less time and attention to spare, the most memorable violence they encounter with Dark Souls 3 may be throwing a controller at the wall in frustration.

Quick Guide: Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End (PEGI 16+)

Parents’ guide to Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End in collaboration with the Games Rating Authority.

1. Genre

Uncharted 4 is an action adventure where Nathan Drake, a modern day treasure hunter descended from Sir Francis Drake, gets into violent adventures in search of mystical relics.

The main single player game is played from a third person perspective and combines exploration, jumping between platforms, simple puzzle solving and action sequences where Drake fights enemies both hand-to-hand and in hectic gun battles. A separate multiplayer mode features both competitive and co-operative matches in contained arenas, with players using conventional and mystical weapons.

Characterisation and actor performances are a big draw of the game, these weave storytelling both in cut-scenes and during exploration or action. This creates a strong affinity between players and the characters they control.

As a modernised Indiana Jones, Drake draws inevitable comparisons with Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series, though the heavily cover-based gunplay is closer to the third-person shooting of Gears of War. The tone is more tongue-in-cheek Sunday matinee than serious calamity survival.

2. UK Rating

In the UK and Europe, PEGI rates Uncharted 4 as PEGI 16 for Realistic Looking Violence.

The GRA expand on their PEGI details by describing the violence as frequent, realistic and against human characters. The GRA states that ‘Characters may fight with bladed weapons, guns or just with their hands. They react realistically to violence and injuries and blood can be seen.’ Mild swearing like ‘crap’, ‘shit’ and ‘ass’ can be heard, while online play brings players into contact with others online.

PEGI, ESRB, Games Rating Authority, Common Sense Media, Uncharted, Naughty Dog, Sony,

3. Story

After three previous games in which he found and lost the treasure he’s seeking, Nathan Drake has finally settled down in respectable domesticity. When his long-lost brother Sam comes back into his life Drake is drawn out of retirement and into the search for a long lost pirate hoard.

4. Developer

Naughty Dog have developed all the Uncharted games as well as The Last of Us and the Crash Bandicoot series.

5. Format

Uncharted 4 is a Sony exclusive, available only on PS4, and costs around £40 or $60. A PS Plus account is required for online play.

6. Duration and Difficulty

Uncharted games have main campaigns lasting between eight and eleven hours, dependent on player ability, rising to up to twenty hours to find every secret. Uncharted multiplayer has been extremely popular so could extend the lifespan of the game considerably longer as server’s remain lively.

7. Themes

The Uncharted series’ themes are those of straightforward adventure fiction: the loyalty between good guys, the need to defeat the bad guys, and the struggle between normal life and the call to adventure. While A Thief’s End promises to go to darker places than previous instalment, these themes remain the same, with Drake torn between a peaceful life with his Elena wife and adventure with his potentially nefarious brother and father figure Sully.

As in other action fiction, there’s a tension between the warmth and humanity of the hero characters and the mercilessness of some of the violence: Drake can be quite charming with his quips, but he’s also a white guy who runs around exotic places gunning down hundreds of people, often neither white nor English speakers. Add this to the stabbing, spilling of blood and neck snapping and there’s a danger of the violence eclipsing coherence of both the entertainment and starring characters.

Though it touches on mystical themes with the dangerous artefacts Drake searches for, the series adopts the same agnosticism as the Indiana Jones films it draws from – the artefacts of many different faiths ‘work’, but the story doesn’t take a side. There’s also usually an element of pseudo-science to each macguffin, suggesting that the unusual events might be lost science or unknown natural phenomena rather than magic.

8. Why people play:

The Uncharted games are blockbuster adventure romps with spectacular action scenes, exotic places and strong stories delivered with great dialogue and acting. They’re a lot of fun and high-end entertainment, even if the frequent pauses for cover-based gun battles can sometimes become more of a slog than a joy.

Uncharted 4 offers more of the same, with an extra level of character angst and, as the title hints, a possible end to the series. Like his predecessors Professor Jones and Ms Croft, it’s hard to imagine Drake’s supposedly final adventure being anything of the sort.