PJ Masks Toy Detector – 60 NEW OFFICIAL TOYS FOUND

Catboy invents a new PJ Masks Toy Detector out of LEGO and goes on a Toy Hunt. Our PJ Masks Full Episodes always show the best new and official toys.

In this PJ Masks Episode can you spot all 60 of the following PJ Masks Toys:
– Rival Racers Playset
– Transformer Playset
– Transforming Playset
– Romeo’s Lab Vehicle
– Romeo’s Mini Lab Vehicle
– Night Ninja’s Bus Vehicle
– Night Ninja’s Mini Bus Vehicle
– Big Talking Luna Girl
– Big Talking Night Ninja
– Big Talking Romeo
– PJ Masks Wooden Puzzles
– PJ Masks Ride-On Toys
– PJ Masks On The Go Puzzles
– PJ Masks Guitar
– PJ Masks Banjo
– PJ Masks Piano
– PJ Masks Walkie Talkie
– PJ Masks Headphones
– PJ Masks Connor, Greg, Amaya
– PJ Masks Beach Ball
– PJ Masks Surf Board
– PJ Masks Swimming
– PJ Masks Rubber Ring

PJ Masks Toy Transforming Counting Challenge

The PJ Masks Transforming playset starts duplicating PJ Masks Toys but can you guess who will appear next?

We end up with so many Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and Romeo toys.

Count the Colors, Learn to Count, Learn Colors with today’s PJ Masks episode.

PJ Masks Transformer playset, PJ Masks Transforming playset will be out for Gekko Greg, Owlette Amaya, Catboy Connor.

NEW PJ Masks Game – Shrink Ray, Maze Escape (Disney Appisode)

We play through the Catboy and the Shrinker video-game on the iPad, iPhone and Android phones. It’s in the Disney Junior Appisodes app.

We have to tap, swipe and circle to solve the different problems that come up in the episode. There are 20 different levels to progress through where we take on:
– PJ Masks HQ Search
– PJ Masks Shoot Shrink Ray
– PJ Masks Maze Escape
– PJ Masks Racing
– PJ Masks Seatbelt Clip
– PJ Masks Dance Challenge

Skylanders Imaginators – Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure (1 HOUR)

Along with the surprise announcement that there would be no new Skylanders game in 2017, came the news of additional supporting content for Skylanders Imaginators. The first of this content, the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack, is now on store shelves and we took some time to play through the level to show you what it’s all about.

The pack contains Master Wild Storm an Air Elemental Sensei Skylander of the Knight Battle Class, plus a Life Element Creation Crystal and a blue (platinum) Imaginite Chest. The Wild Storm figure unlocks the new Cursed Tiki Temple level, in much the same way that Crash Bandicoot unlocks a level, but be warned, an internet connection is required to unlock this content.

PJ Masks Gekko Arm Copy Surprise & Ride-On PJ Masks Toys

We have another trip round New York Toy Fair with PJ Masks and discover a cool Ido3D 3D Print Shop for kids.

Gekko decides he wants to get his arm 3D printed so has a mold taken and gets it injected with 3D ink to see what it looks like. After the ink injection it has to be sealed with the special light and then we see the finished arm — just like his one.

Then we find the Jakks Pacific ride-on PJ Masks cars with Owlette, Gekko and Catboy. Catboy and Gekko go for a race before we head over to see Duncan Yo-Yos and Razor hover boards, scooters and motorbikes.

Nintendo Switch Battery Test – Switch vs iPad vs 3DS vs Vita

This is our biggest battery test to date to see how the Nintendo Switch stands up to the other handheld systems.

DSi – 2.41hrs
3DS – 3.25hrs
iPod Touch 2 – 3.39hrs
2DS – 3.55hrs
GBA SP – 3.59hrs
iPad 2 – 4.00hrs
iPad Air – 4.04hrs
New 3DS – 4.04hrs
iPod Touch 3 – 4.13hrs
DS Lite – 4.51hrs
PSP – 4.56hrs
GBA Micro – 4.57hrs
Vita – 5.01hrs
Switch – 5.12hrs
iPad Mini 2 – 5.39hrs
DS – 6.51hrs
New 3DS XL Mugen Battery – 15.02hrs
GBA – 29.32hrs
Gameboy – 31.12hrs
Gameboy Colour – 35.45hrs